Be a guest at your own party

As professional chefs and flavour artists for more than twenty years, our bespoke boutique style catering company will create the party of your dreams featuring fabulous food and sublime service.

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The dinner you always dreamed of…

Imagine coming home to the luscious scent of roasted lamb with garlic; or maybe chicken and citrus sizzling in your oven, the perfume of chocolate and orange suffusing the air. Taste in your mind the crunch of panko, the silkiness of salmon or the melting unctuous texture of buttery caramelized apples. This is the dinner you always dreamed of which will delight your guests and make you proud.

Do you have something to celebrate?

Are you planning an event?

But you are so busy with your daily life you can barely think about your party without feeling totally overwhelmed.

Allow us to take care of everything.

We can design your own individually tailored event, be it a grand cocktail dinatoire or an intimate dinner for friends; an important fund-raiser or an engagement party.

We take YOUR vision of the evening and carry it out perfectly – from shopping for and prepping the food, to setting your table, to greeting your guests, to serving a scrumptious meal, to cleaning your kitchen, then disappearing as if no one had ever been there. All that is left are the wonderful memories you created.


Send us an email or pick up the phone, and we will be happy to plan and carry out the best event you’ve ever hosted.
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