Who We Are

Artful, Tasteful, Skillful

Meet Debra Ganong-Séguin

Cooking has been my passion for most of my life. And so has eating! But I didn’t always cook for a living. I worked in another domain, then gradually realized that my heart was somewhere else.

Eventually I decided to go to the New England Culinary Institute in the US subsequently interning in Montreal at the Passe-Partout (now closed) then worked for a busy caterer, providing a strong base for how we work now. The focus was on learning how to organize everything: the mise en place of prep, delivery, equipment, working the event and most importantly developing relationships with clients.

But I could also see in the business a lot of “industrial” production with a loss of the “personal” – pre-set menus, a lack of generosity and not a lot of flavour. I felt there was a lack of intimacy and I wanted to fill that gap. Eating good food is primordial – it’s how we survive and stay healthy. But sharing wonderful food in the company of loved ones is extremely pleasurable. And honouring the bounty the earth provides is essential. So 13 years ago I went out on my own to create the means to fill that gap.

Debra Ganong Séguin&Dionne
Brenda Krocko Séguin&Dionne

Meet Brenda Krocko-Dionne

Working in the airline industry, I have traveled around the world for many years, savouring the flavours and perfumes of the food of many cultures, which stimulated my interest in good eating and fine cooking. Service is essential in that industry, but I wanted to take it to another more personalized level.

So I teamed up with Debra to offer this quality of attention to our own clients.

Not everyone loves to cook for a crowd, and not everyone wants to. But we do. And we are very good at it!

Now we get to look out the kitchen window while we are cooking and baking for your party and say WOW! We get to spend our day doing this! And you get to enjoy the results! Our greatest reward comes when we hear the ooh’s and aahh’s as the plates arrive and we see you take that first bite. The pleasure washes over your face as you enjoy a glass of wine and laugh, free from worrying about all the details.

So BE A GUEST at your own party, proud of the event you just hosted.
Simply pick up the phone or send us an email and you will be on your way to a superb event!