Artful, Tasteful, Skillful

Our raison d’être

Because bringing you the best event you’ve ever hosted is our raison d’être, we want to know exactly what your ideal event would look like. We make sure every detail and desire is handled – from food to staff to rentals and even flowers and music if you wish.

We take YOUR vision of the evening and transform it into reality by doing all the tasks that seem so arduous to you – creating a menu of your favourite things to eat whether it is the ultimately tender filet of beef or rich and homey mac and cheese.  Then we add a little novelty, like super fresh tuna poké or savoury kim chi Korean meatballs.

We shop for and prep the food, set your table, greet your guests with a friendly smile, put the finishing touches on and serve a scrumptious meal, clean your kitchen, then disappear as if no one had ever been there.

Delicious, individually created dishes

We have years of experience at pulling off the most successful parties, with clients that hire us over and over again and staff that love to work with us so much that they request to be on the team as often as possible.  Our woman-centred operation puts the emphasis on delicious, individually created dishes made from outstanding ingredients that evoke taste and aroma memories, but with an added twist. We believe that wonderful food can only be created by harmony in the kitchen and we strive to achieve that every time.

The result is that you will have been a guest at your own party, proud of the event you just hosted with the accolades of your ultra-impressed guests echoing gently in your ears.